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Ramuntcho Matta

Ramuntcho Matta City -
Country France
Web http://www.ramuntchomatta.com/

Real name: Miguel Matta Echaurren

Miguel Matta Echaurren best known as Ramuntcho Matta (February 4, 1960, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France) is a French producer, sound designer and visual artist.

Matta collaborated with Beat poet Brion Gysin, jazz musician Don Cherry, sound poet Henri Chopin, Laurie Anderson, Elli Medeiros, Rhys Chatham and countless others. He also co-founded the SRR label under the name Michael Pope, consecutively to his work with Crammed Discs.

Matta produced post punk records in the early eighties before experiencing commercial success with post-disco hit "Toi mon toit" in 1985. He later went on with a solo career, exhausting artistic directors who endlessly tried to re-enact the same successful musical formula. But Matta soon moved back to his more leftfield roots and has never stopped to producing and releasing new music since then.

Email: ramuntcho.matta@gmail.com

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